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Start with 100% and subtract 1% for everything that you've done.
Then repost as "I'm __% Virgin" after you are done. Lower number you have the more you've done! LETS DO THIS


( )Smoked.
(x) Drank alcohol.
(x) Cried when someone died.
( ) Been drunk.
( ) Had sex.
(x) Been to a concert.
(x) gotten/given a hand-job. (to the same sex)
( ) gotten/given a blow-job.
(x) Been verbally/sexually harassed.
( ) Verbally/sexually harassed somebody.

(x) Felt someone up and/or been felt up.
(x) Laughed so hard something came out of your nose. 
( ) Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend before.
( ) Been cheated on by a boyfriend/girlfriend.
( ) Been to prom.
(x) Cried at school.
(x) Gotten lost in a WalMart or a department store.
( ) Went streaking.
(x) Given or received a lap dance.
(x) Had someone of the opposite sex in your room.

(x) Had someone of the opposite sex sleep over.
(x) Slept over at someone of the opposite sex's house.
(x) Kissed a stranger.
(x) Hugged a stranger.
( ) Went scuba diving.
( ) Driven a car.
(x) Gotten an x-ray.
( ) Hit by a car.
(x) Had a party.
( ) Done serious drugs.

( ) Played strip poker/darts.
( ) Got paid to strip for someone.
(x) Run away from home.
( ) Broken a bone.
(x) Eaten sushi.
( ) Bought porn.
(x) Watched porn.
( ) Made porn.
(x) Had a crush on someone of the same sex.
( ) Been in love.

(x) Made Out.
(x) Laughed so hard you cried.
(x) Cried yourself to sleep.
( ) Laughed yourself to sleep.
( ) Stabbed yourself. 
() Shot a gun
(x) Trash talked someone and then acted like their best friend the next day.
(x) Been online for 9 consecutive hours.
(x) Watched TV for 9 consecutive hours.
( ) Watched an animal die.

( ) Watched a person die.
(x) Kissed and/or messed around somewhere with at least 1 person in the same room
(x) Pranked somebody.
(x) Put somebody in the hospital. 
(x) Snuck into someone's room and/or your own room after being out.
(x) Kissed somebody of the same sex.
(x) Dressed punk.
(x) Dressed goth.
(x) Dressed preppy.
( ) Been to a motocross race.

(x) Avoided somebody.
( ) Been stalked.
(x) Stalked someone.
(x) Met a celebrity.
(x) Played an instrument. 
() Ridden a horse.
(x) Cut yourself.
( ) Bungee jumped.
(x) Ding dong ditched somebody.
(x) Been to a wild party.

(x) Got caught stealing something.
(x) Kicked/punched a guy in the balls.
( ) Stolen a boyfriend/girlfriend from a friend.
( ) Gone out with your friend's crush.
( ) Got arrested.
( ) Been pregnant.
(x) Babysat.
( ) Been to another country.  
( ) Started your house on fire.
(x) Had an encounter with a ghost.

( ) Donated your hair to cancer patients.
(x) Been asked out by someone that you never thought you'd be asked out by.
(x) Cried over a member of the opposite sex.
( ) Had a boyfriend/girlfriend for over 3 months.
(x) Sat on your butt all day.
(x) Ate a whole carton of ice cream all by yourself.
(x) Had a job.
( ) Gotten cut from a sports team.
(x) Been called a whore.
( ) Danced like a whore.

(x) Been mistaken as older/younger than your own age.
( ) Been in a car accident.
(x) Been told you have beautiful eyes.
(x) Been told you have beautiful hair. 
(x) Been rejected.
( ) Walked out of a restaurant without paying.
(x) Punched someone/slapped someone in the face.

I am 43% virgin  YAY! all i got to do is have sex and im 0% virgin XD to lazy to tag people


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gaming, drawing, writing, food, music, horror, comedy, add it together and you get ME!!
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